Wednesday, 25 May 2011

the best business cards in the world

I was a Lego child so even now anything Lego brings out the warm in me, so imagine when I saw these. Yes. That's right. The lucky people who work (and probably play) at Lego all day long get little people that look like them as their business cards. Could that be ANY cooler?! No.

(courtesy of The Telegraph)


  1. OMG, I love Lego, many happy memories playing with Lego as a child!

  2. OH wow. Love it. Have always, always loved lego. Recently my parents were clearing out and I claimed all the pirate lego (including a pirate ship!). What fun we had building it all to make sure we had all the parts, and how I look forward to playing with it with my own kids (and myself in the meantime)!